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3 Projects In 30 Days

15 July 2016 - 376 words - Adriaan van Rossum

Once in a while it is a good idea to set your goals and clear your mind. For me that day was yesterday. In Las Palmas you do this by going to the beach, swim a few times, get a beer and get brown in the sun. One of the things that came up was the reason why I did go to Las Palmas (or abroad). It reminded me of my LinkedIn profile I wrote in the time I wanted to move to Las Palmas.

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My LinkedIn profile reads this:

I moved to Las Palmas where I can be creative, enjoy the perfect weather and can work on cool projects too. I prefer working 3 days a week as the other projects fill up the rest of the week.

It says: working 3 days so I could use the other 4 days to fill up with my own projects. I’m not doing that. And I’m going to change that now. While being on the beach yesterday I realised I didn’t do my own projects anymore and kept postponing those. There are lots of reasons for it like working as a freelancer, going to the beach, sleeping until 12:00, ….

So how to change this? I calculated the amount of days I have until the end of the year. It shows me I have 2,5 months of not crazy friends around or roadtripp’n:

If you work 3 days a week you can reserve 3 days per week for your other projects. So that is what I’m going to do.

3 days x 4 week x 2.5 months = 30 days

For the critical people (like myself): I know there are more weeks in a month, but 30 days sounds nice. I will do 3 projects of 10 days each in those 30 days. It is not about a pixel perfect (which I probably find hard) app or website, but it will be a simple (live) version of every project.

To make it official, here are the 3 deadlines:

In the next blog I will write more about the first project.